Monday, November 28, 2011


(My first attempt to write in Hindi) 

zindagi bus kuch pal ke liye hoti hai
lekin hum woh bhi gam main gawah dete hai
kyu na hum khush rahe apni duniya main
apni choti choti khushiyan ko leke 
aur apni gham ko bhula de
humare man main jo hai 
hum usse isehaar nahi karte
apna pyar, apna gam, apne dil ke baatein
hamesha dabaye rakthe hai
phir jab waqt nikal jaata hai tab
haami bharte hai
zindagi jeeyo aise jaise kal na ho
keh do apne dil ki baatein
kar do apna dil ko halka
aur jeeyo apni zindagi:)))

Life is but a few precious moments
yet we live our lives with gloomy thots
why can't we find happiness in those
small little nuances, those little gestures that
bring a smile to our hearts and joy to our souls

Let us focus on the smiles and wipe the tears
why do we keep our thoughts locked in our hearts
Emotions, are meant to be shared
joy and grief, happiness and sorrow, smiles and tears
Share them and lighten your heart
Share them and spread the joy

We keep out thoughts locked away
for fear of rejection, ridicule and disappointment
and then time passes by and the feelings remain
festering away at your soul
get them out, free the thoughts, share ur soul

Life is but a few precious moments
Life life fully, Live like there is no tomorrow
Smile and giggle, laugh and love.
Life is worth that and so much more:))
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