Monday, November 5, 2012

Swirling depths of darkness

Swirling depths of darkness
dark and ominous
grim and foreboding
waiting to suck you in

heart thudding away
head feels like caught
in a pincer's grasp
body restless
mind a flutter

eyes shutting
parched throat
tongue sticking to the
roof of my mouth

my body a jitter
nerves a jangle
keening sound in the ear
anxiety ratcheting

the well of darkness
ready to grasp u in it's
dragging u into the
swirling depths of  darkness

But I say... I do not like you
I like my sunshine
I like my giggles
I like the wildflowers
I  like the gurgle of the stream

I want to feel the caress of the breeze
the kiss of the sun
I want my sunshine, laughter and love
that I know is waiting for me
in the yonder

I see blue skies
green grass
and yes hope
shining like a beacon

So I hang on tight
my eyes, heart, mind and soul
focusing on the light
hanging on for dear life
as i know if I am sucked in
swirling depths of darkness
getting out would be difficult

So with single minded focus
I pull myself out of the well of despair
grunting and grasping
bathed in a sheen of sweat

and as i collapse on the other side
a giggle forces through my throat
ecstatic that i was
able to free myself from
the swirling depths of darkness


mackage said...

i too fight the good fight with words chosen for their power, against the fading of my confidence molecules. the valleys grow ever deeper though and the peaks I used to jog up, now are a struggle to climb, slowly. I too love life in the sun, rail against medicine that torque me like a Hip-hop robot...But I must enjoy the faded and thinner cloth that now wear. Or just Die...

Su Kasib said...

I can relate to each word...just gotta keep on going:)