Tuesday, July 20, 2010

when is it enuf?

When is it enuf? When are we going to be satisfied with what we have achieved? When are we going to find that all elusive contentment, peace and yes happiness?

What is enough really mean? Food to eat, Clothes to wear, roof over our head? Hmm maybe some designer clothes, gourmet food and a mansion, later? Oh well, not really because one's heart always yearns for more, and let's face it , that is the reason the economy exists, right? Because if we did not want the finer things in life, then we would not have had the cavair, truffles, pate to eat or Gucci, Tiffany or Hermes to wear or those huge home builders or those expensive cars!

Good old peer pressure, huh? Where would we be without that? Hmmm , complacent and happy, but that is not how it happens does it? Just when you think you have reached a particular goal and you heave a sigh of relief and look around all you see is empty spaces as the others have moved on, egged on by their own peer pressure.

Peer pressure is good as long as you rule it and it does not rule you. It keeps you on your toes and moving, but the danger lies when you let it eat at you and mope and fester. Negative feelings, thoughts and actions abound and multiplies.

God forbid if your peer is doing better than you, and you waste your time and energy in trying to find out why, instead of focusing on your goals? We always say to ourselves - Oh when I achieve this - I am going to be the most happiest person, but I guess what we do not realise that by the time we do get there time has flown and things have changed and you have to recalculate you r goals again....

Peer pressure. It is what gets us going. It gets us moving, gets us motivated, gets us frustrated , makes us unhappy with our lives. I guess it is all in the perspective and whom you compare with. If you compare with someone who has less, you feel better, if you compare with someone who has more you feel bitter. Better or Bitter it is your choice.

In closing it is within us to decide what one needs to be happy. Life teaches us that. In my case health because health is wealth. If I was healthy it would be something else:) We are forever trying to reach the topmost fruit in the tree not realising that the fruits that hang low and heavy or have fallen to the ground are the sweetest:)

Are you happy? Really happy? Seriously????