Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh dear! My brain's gone AWOL!!!

Those darn dopamine cells.... sure do have a "mind" of their own.  Doing the vanishing act without asking you... I mean how rude is that.... and they decide to let u know after a majority of them decide to quit ... yup about 80% of them.  I mean are they not bound by work giving you some notice or heads up that they want to quit? Hmm wondering if I can sue them....Lawyers...any takers?

If you are wondering what am I ranting's the scoop .... I have been diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2004 when I was 36 years... and Parkinson's happens when the brain cells that make 'Dopamine" die and are not reproduced....and what does "dopamine" do... well it is responsible for all your cognitive, emotional, and motor functions, also speech, thought etc....

And 'cos I did not want to believe it my doc let me take pics of my brain.... I mean, I love taking pics of me..but this..hmmm and that too in full color no less... Did u know your right side of brain controls your left side of the body and vice versa...I did not till I saw a nice color pic of my brain. My tremors started on my left side, so my right side showed an alarmingly low count of cells and my left side of the brain had also started on it's drain.....Dang.. This was in 2006 I think.

So here is my rationale, my own skewed version of why I have Parkinson's:) Are you ready to hear it.... Brace urself...

See I am bad enuf with only 10% of my brain functioning....can u imagine what wud happen with the rest 90% being functional? :) The world is not ready for me yet:)) Sigh tough being smart and beautiful, oh yeah and very modest too:)))

No, this is NOT a picture of my brain:)) I took this off the internet