Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life's lessons learnt:)

So I believe that every day is a new day and we get to learn new things, be it a new word, a new phrase, a new trick, a new way to do something, something new about you as a person, or something new about a person in your life:)

Life they say is a journey, not a destination and as we go along on this incredible journey that really has no roadmaps, and has hidden surprises round every bend some good, some let's say not welcome. Don't you find that just when you get comfortable, think you have a sense of direction, have your goodies for the journey and have your goal - bump - ooops a speed need to adjust the travel plans a bit.

Along the way you pick some fellow travelers and we may not know it then but they are all there for a reason - maybe to point you in the right direction or maybe the wrong, some there to let u know what your strengths are, some that make you rethink your destination, some to create joy and some sorrow.

We may think we have a choice but really we do not. It is all determined by the great wire puller. We need to recognise the signs or we get lost and confused.

As we go through this incredible journey we call life, I think it is extremely important to keep an open mind and heart, to welcome change, to be willing to learn, to experiment, to explore, to taste, yup sometimes even detours - who knows maybe u will find your paradise there? Or your oasis which you would not have if you decided to stay on the path and yup you can also get lost and end up where you don't want to.... it is all a matter of taking a chance.

As they say you never know till you try it:) Life has so many flavors, so many varieties, so many colors, so many choices, so many options but we limit ourselves with this self imposed restrictions because we do not think it is the right thing to do.

And we may possibly miss out on some incredible experiences or scenic views as we continue on our safe path.

Life is short and unpredictable, full of challenges, happiness and sorrow, good and bad so while on the road of life - put the top down - of your car, feel the wind in your hair, the drops of rain on your face, the smell of fresh mown grass, smell of wet earth, belt up and get ready for the unexpected and have an adventure!

Here's to lots of laughter, giggles, snuggles, joy and fun - Let your inner child out Run free and have a tumble or two....Cheers.