Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Ma's day:)

Ma....such a small word but means the world. Have such wonderful childhood memories and today as a mother  of two boys, i hope i  can be even half a mother that my ma is  to me...Simple, straightforward, the most sweetest, sensitive and yes the bestest ma in the whole entire world ..that is my ma..... friendly, compassionate, empathetic and strong, she always was and is to date involved in the community where my parents live:)

I remember when I was sick, I  would hold on tight to her  and insist she stay with  me, selfishly as only a child can be,  and she even though she knew, that I was not that sick that she needed to stay with me, would do so, unselfishly putting her day on hold:) She was my go between between me and Ba, especially if I had a bad report card that needed his signature, or needed his permission to go to a school trip:) I learned early on that I could get what I wanted if I shed enuf tears and shamelessly exploited it:))

The most fav part that has continued from childhood is her feeding me:) Many a times after we came back from school or were tired  she mixes up the rice  and sabji  into the most tasty morsel in the entire world...I have been known to have eaten stuff that I detested, if Ma fed me, as I used to be so busy chatting with her,I would not notice...and yes whenever she visits me here in te US or I come home, she feeds me:))) My kids think it is very funny:))

As they say what goes around come s around..Now I am a Ma to  two wonderful boys and all I wish and hope that I can teach my kids the life's ;lessons that my parents taught me, those that has helped me live my life, the way I am today is all because of my parents:))

I love u Ma:)