Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mr. Parkie

Here I was merrily skipping
along life's path,
with a song in my heart and
a dance in my soul
When I suddenly stumbled
Did not even have a chance to grumble

I did not feel the invasion
so stealthily it did happen
One moment I was skipping
And the next moment I was slipping

Mr. Parkie Mr. Parkie
U are rude and sneaky
U came in without a squeak
and made me unable to speak

u took over my body
pretty as u please
without asking
may i please?

Mr. Parkie Mr. Parkie
U are rude and sneaky
U came in and occupied
and i am petrified

U are on a killing spree
killing all my brain cells
U are in control of my
body parts shaking them
as u please

U took over my mind
my body but u ain't got my soul

No no no u ain't got my soul

Hey Mr. Parkie
if you think I am just
gonna roll over and play dead

u don't know what u got instead
I am gonna fight u
u uninvited guest
I am gonna kick u out
just u wait and see

may just be wishful thinking on my part
but it is my wish
and in that i can do as i wish

and i wish u go away far far away
Mr.Parkie....I do not need u
go away go away go away!!!