Monday, August 3, 2015

Twenty things Parkinson's has taken from me

1) Movement - something that I had taken for granted

2) Handwriting - Turned my beautiful penmanship to chicken scratch

3) Walking forward - Another thing I had taken for granted

4) Stability - Literally leaves me shaken

5) Turning in the bed - Takes me about 5 minutes and most of the time I am drenched in sweat

6) Getting out of the bed - Most of the time it is roll....drop...squat and pull yourself up

7) Buttoning my own blouse - God forbid if they are small pearl buttons

8) Wearing my jeans standing up - Turns into "Dancing with the Jean"

9) Drinking anything without spilling - I leave tell tale signs of coffee....juice...heck even water

10) Eating without dropping - I have  had food flying away before it entered my mouth, dropping food on the floor

11) Freedom - My most cherished  thing i  have ever had....Need to have someone close by all the time

12) My ability to drive - As I would be a danger to others and myself

13) My confidence - I would rather not do than do

14) The ability to get out of a chair - majority of the time I feel like my bottom is glued to the chair....other times I use the slip, slide and pull method

15) The ability to walk without my feet velcroed to the floor - I have lost count of the number of times I tried  to put a leg forward before  realising it is not moving and barely saving myself from falling splat on my face

16) Self esteem - My inability to walk to the bathroom to take care of my needs, by myself

17) Unable to control my head from nodding and shaking like an out of control pinging ball

18) Choking and swallowing - Heck I even choke while drinking  water

19) My beautiful, sexy voice - my most important loss ...I did on air radio,, podcasts and video, none of which I can do now

20) Most of it my dopamine cells in my brain - Parkinson's is on a murdering spree and has killed almost killed 90 percent of the cells

So I figured the world is not ready for me:) Because if I am so smart and witty with only 10 percent of my dopamine cells working imagine how it would be if I was at 100 percent:)

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