Monday, September 29, 2008

life and such...

Well Well I never thought I would be so philosophical, but I guess certain happenings make you reflective and I guess that is what happened to me :)I am not a grim person to begin with. I have been told I am a child in an adults body:) I just know I look at life differently. I am the one who will put a positive spin on anything, have a wicked sense of humor and yup look at the glass half full. No I am not going to list all my virtues - there is not enough tiime and words :) Kidding!What I am thinking about is the correlation between mental peace and emotional strength and physical manifestations of the same. If you are mentally and emotionally at peace would that automatically manifest itself into robust health? And vice versa? Anyone has experiences please share....Does a weakened mental state also mean health issues? Life is complicated enough... why do we strive to further complicate it by our attitude, our actions, our thoughts and yes our words?Point to ponder upon..... I would love to hear from you if you have found peace and contentment and be ready to share ur secret:)You can also reach me at

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Words Words Words ---- What a discovery! Words written or spoken have so much of power, it is incredible. It can make or break, create unrest, find love, express something beautiful, ugly, used to express yourself. These seemingly innocuous formation of alphabets is amazing.
There are literally billions of words around us, we are surrounded by them, we are defined by them, they are so powerful they have the power to cut through flesh and pierce your heart, they have the power to go through your skull and float around in your head sometimes taking on a whole new meaning. Words can be flowery and beautiful, ornery and hateful, kind and hurtful, simple and complicated, profound and shallow……
We seemingly effortlessly spew off most of the times without thinking of the repercussions or the effect it has on the other party. We seem to feel good after venting not fully realizing the effect they have on others.
They are also helpful, in expressing our innermost feelings, fear, guilt, joy, happiness, beauty, rage, hurt, and so many other nuances of our lives….
I think they need to be used with care. I am guilty of being careless with them, cruel and hurtful, and yes also kind and have also been the recipient of the same…. It is human nature to retain the hurtful and cruel words and forget about the kind ones.
And yes words also help to clear the air, clear up misunderstandings etc….
They have an incredible power over us, our lives, relationships etc……
And the purpose of my diatribe - well to utilize words!