Thursday, March 22, 2012

All about Perspective, isn't it?

Hmm so I was having one of those ruminating moments, you know where u sit back and try and evaluate your life and goals...yup really profound and intense:)) 

I have always wanted/want to do something in broadcasting, ever since my love affair with the radio began in 1983 or so when I started doing on air....I always had it in my mind that I would get to it my life's goal....then came along my Parkinson's diagnosis, ironically believe it or not right at the moment when I was poised to take the leap so to speak...

When Ranai, my second, was born, I quit my job so I cud stay with him, and the plan was as soon as he was maybe 3 or 4 years old...i would try and pursue my dreams...and wouldn't you know it...when he was 2 years old, I got diagnosed...

As the diagnosis sunk in,well kinda, I had this desperate feeling of time slipping by, went through a lot emotionally, have written about it in another blog, so will not go into it here.

I began planning, conceptualising, thinking, writing and pitching , all this while I was in full blown denial, about my health, my kids little and fighting the skepticism that it was too late in my life to be thinking about a new career path....

Things happened, and my thots, my plans, evolved, when I through desperation, loneliness and frustration, started writing bogs and created a video blog, created my website....Creatvproductions is my baby through and through, a one person endeavour, a stubborn sense of trying to connect with the people....I am a self proclaimed geek, so I taught myself everything and did extensive research on the net, found and downloaded software, learned and incorporated that into my videos etc...

I have always been an early adopter and love to learn and am extremely proud to say that everything you see from my website, content, design, video, camera, editing, uploading, channel looks, posting videos on diff sites etc etc etc has been done by me...when I say I am the janitor and chief creator of Creatvproductions...'tis true every single word....

I did try the regular way, and here I do have to mention two people who came into my life and helped me make a pilot for a talk show, that we wanted to do. Vandana Gambhir and Bala Chandran, and a bunch of my friends who believed in my dreams came together and helped me  make a pilot basically spending zilch, just a lot of goodwill, love and best wishes...

When things did not go as we hoped, I started my Youtube channel.  The idea behind the channel was basically to create videos so that when I was pitching shows to broadcast houses, i wud have something to show...

I posted my videos on some other sites, my bogs on others....and when I look at my insights or stats I realise that I have viewers, readers from all over the world, messages, comments coming from people I never met, and I realised that slowly but surely , my thoughts were spreading, people were reading and watching and all this time without really realising it I was in a way fulfilling what I want to do, which is basically reach out to people.  I am so focused on trying to get into the mainstream that I did not realize that I was reaching out to people via the new medium, internet.

With a very approximate tally, I have reached maybe more than 70,000 people with my written, and video blogs, with zero dollars spent  on marketing, just my stubborn determination and persistence.

Who says you cannot do it? When one wants to, nothing is impossible.  There are tools out there....Not only am I fighting a nuero degenerative health condition, trying to raise two boys, but also trying to prove to me and the others who said I cannot do it, that yes you can, you will cos u are!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Parkinson's by Rishab

Well, the way I describe Parkinsons is a disease which doesn’t express yourself to the fullest, it limits your abilities. This is what you have maa, and I know it is hard to live life. You have us though, and we will help you trough the hard times.
                I really don’t like Parkinsons, especially since my maa has it. I remember on our vacation to Duck, maa was feeling bad for most of the trip. I felt so bad that maa didn’t get to enjoy the trip. As I said earlier, Parkinsons doesn’t let you live to the fullest. Maa didn’t live to the fullest on that vacation.
                I’m so glad that maa doesn’t have advanced Parkinsons, or she would be shaking all the time. Some of the most famous people, such as Michael J. Fox, and Muhammad Ali, have Advanced Parkinsons. They cannot even walk straight. Even the most infamous people, like Adolf Hitler had Parkinsons. Parkinsons is not an uncommon disease, but I don’t know why it had to happen to maa.
                I thank god that Parkinsons is not fatal. I would do anything to get maa out of that disease, even if it meant waling a thousand miles. She is the best mom ever, and she acts so nice and caring around me. I especially like our text conversations. Maa, I love you, and I would do anything in the world for you.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Parkinson's by Ranai

( I had asked Ranai my 9 year old to write what PD means to him and this is what he said) 

Parkinson’s is a disease, a brain disease .Parkinson is a type of brain disease, and many people suffer from this disease not to mention my mom. :( . Parkinson’s is a type of disease of the brain, you‘re not able to move so fast and you are not able to really well play sport etc.

Parkinson’s is a very strong brain disease, it is so sad to see someone like this it is not a good sight. :( .I think personally that it is not fair that my mom has this because she is so loving and caring it is not fair! I don’t even understand why there are diseases it just makes someone suffer. (tebowing for a brief moment).

I really think diseases such as Parkinson should be erased. I wish that all diseases had a cure already but Parkinson doesn’t it is sad! :( .Well I told you how I feel about Parkinson’s and other diseases.