Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pleasure in life's simple things....

A simple line but a complicated result?

Seriously how many of us take pleasure in life's simple things? We are all so wired up to go somewhere, do something, achieve our goals, fulfill our desires, complete our to do check list, catch up with our peers, make the million dollars and after that the next million....

And by wired or should I say wireless:) literally we are bombarded with messages, im's, sms, voicemails, emails, tweets, etc etc. And now we can browse the internet on our mobiles!!! Gasp! Help me I am addicted - have to check my emails - whether they are to enhance certain body parts-it's a diff thing that they are targeting the wrong gender, or the latest, most happening sale going on - that OMG is ending tomorrow- hmmm wait did it not say so in the email last week... oh never mind gotta go and check it out, lest I miss out on a deal!! or the latest in chain emails that promise dire happenings if you do not forward that email to 10,000 other friends, to checking my IM's, social networking sites.....PHEW!

Excuse me - uh where the heck do I find time for simple things, to smell the roses, or to feel the raindrops on your face, or to inhale the scent of the ground after the first rain, or freshly mown grass, to drink and savor my morning coffee, to read a leisurely book - what if while I am doing that I miss out on the next happening thing....Jeez...

As it is we all have busy schedules, things to do, goals to achieve, catch up with our peers, buy that house, get that new car and oh yeah the latest gadgets.... just when you master one - they become obsolete and you realise you are two versions behind...more catch up to do.... I can go on and on but you see my cell phone is vibrating urgently telling me I have new email - so gotta check it out..... Darn is that raindrops falling on my window- do I go outside to feel the rain on my face....maybe later need to check my email......

Monday, March 8, 2010


Life is many ways a circle - you meet with some people- grow apart- several years later- reconnect with some-find synergies where there was none before-find disconnects where there was connection-nostalgia-memor
ies a feeling of traversing a lifetime, a feeling of wonder, recollections and amazement as you realize that different people in different stages of your life have their own memories and what they remember about you and how they view you.

As you piece together the chain of memories and recollections of the people you have met as you trod along life's path you come across some common opinions, memories, recollections and realise that that is what you are at the basic core of your heart because that does not change. No matter how old you grow and where you are your basic nature remains the same, it is the layers you add on to as you go through life, physical, mental, emotional that changes with time and colors the perception of the people you interact.

It is indeed fascinating to see if you have progressed or regressed, the constants and the variables, the perceptions and as you look back at your life, the choices you made and how far one has come and what kind of memories one leaves behind, positive or negative,

Memories - some can leave you feeling good some not so good - so you take the good ones and you weave together a beautiful mosaic of your life for you to comfort you in your dark moments as you relive them and they put a smile in your heart as they are yours and only yours to treasure:)