Friday, May 18, 2012

My Parkie mornings:)

It is so easy to say...No I cannot do it
It is so difficult to literally roll out of bed
eyes half closed, toes tightly curled
arms you lay on the carpet
laying there for a few moments in the
quietness of pre dawn, soft snores and the house
making those comforting noises...everyone
in pre dawn deep slumber
as you breathless, lay down on the carpet
mulling on how to straighten your arms
uncurl your toes, uncramp the cramp
as ur hands feel around for that pill bottle
the salvation it provides as your shaky hands
pour out the water, spilling some
then trying to unscrew the pill bottle
hands slipping, cussing, sweating till
yes bottle open....pop the pills
then begin the process of stretching and uncurling
as my cheeks lay on the floor I look towards the bathroom door
seemingly a planet away as I mentally start my pep talk

Cmon u can do it you can do it you can do it...
as I hold on to the edge of the bed
swaying like a drunk in the early morning hours
one feet up one knee on th eground, like a runner
I push myself to go towards the bathroom door....
to start my day....
Welcome to my morning:)))