Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Parkie Journey

I guess I am truly special. Parkie loves me a lot....he came into my when I was only 36.... behaved with me for the first few years and then started messing with me....7 years into it, in 2011 I had to stop taking a particular med because of a serious side effect....and I almost killed myself...withdrawing from that med was apparently as tough as withdrawing from cocaine.....i was hospitalised for 5 days where I was on suicide watch....and had a long recovery process during which the thought of ending it all was regular part of my thots.... finally managed to get out of the darkness.....then mid 2012 the docs told me that my meds are not working and that brain surgery was my best option so in Nov 2012 I had my brain surgery.... A surgery that is life changing and improved quality of life for others....for me... well no such has almost been three years and i have not improved, in fact i have started slurring and am unable to talk....this in a nutshell my journey and i have not even touched on my mental n emotional upheaval