Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am HOT!!!

(Disclaimer before starting this....All views expressed here are mine and mine only, so help me lord:) Puns, double entendre, cliches, euphemisms may or may not be intended....that discretion rests solely with the reader depending on their thots are typed purely as they form in my convoluted brain and spewed forth:)

Yeah so where was I? Yeah I am HOT!!! Yup no doubt about it.....I literally give out heat:) How you may ask...A very simple trick, again many thanks to this condition called Parkinson's, I have learned the many amazing tricks my body can do.... all without my permission or without my say various body parts decide to let off steam, send off electrical impulses, go on vibrate mode, or do a jiggly wiggly...especially the shins part of my leg, and then boy am I a mover shaker:)))

When I am in the mover shaker mode, sometimes it is either a part of my body or sometimes the whole body joins in for the fun, I am shaking so much, if I am sitting on a chair, the chair shakes, if I am laying on the bed, yup shake it up, or if someone is holding me trying to calm my body down, I move them too:)

Never knew my body knew so many for my mind..ahem lets leave that be...So it is during these moments that I am hot, electrifying, and at the end of that episode, after my body decides to calm down, am sweaty and tired...yup i know... and then I wonder why I am tired huh....

Yeah baby I am hot:) Reminds me of this Hindi song..."Khambe jaisi khadi ho, bijli ho ya .....basically means full of sparks and spitfire....yup that is me:) Modest to the last breath:)

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