Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Written in 1990:)

What is marriage?
It is a dream filled with meaning
That starts coming true
Because you have someone to share life with you
It's a loved one beside you, where ever you go
Two hearts joined together
By tender gestures and wrds whispered low
It is a wonderful blending of laughter and tears
of happiness and sorrows, success and failures
A warm understanding that deepens with years
It's saying I LOVE YOU with words or a glance
It's caring, it's sharing
A life long romance:)

What is Love?

This is a poem I had written in 1990:)

Is it pure ecstasy
Or is it sheer hell?
Or is it the feeling of inevitability
As you get introduced to him....
Is it the constriction of the chest,
the parched throat, the rapid tattoo of teh ehart
Or is it the feeling of helplessness
As your eyes meet eyes, passing silent messages
the urge to touch, feel and experience
the feeling of being lost, being drowned
drawn inexorably closer to the depths
Is it the reason for sleepless nights
yearning dreams and restless days
Or is it the feeling, the desire to share
a lifetime in eternity with?
Or is it the reason for the world suddenly being a
wonderfulplace to live in, the glow on your face
that comes from the very depths
Is this love???

Monday, June 6, 2011

Love? What is it?

Hmm interestingly, till a friend pointed it out to me, I did not realise that I did not write on the biggest emotion of all LOVE!!!

So that set me thinking and here I am penning my thots as they stumble into my mind, random and heartfelt...

Love.... reams and reams have been written on it, music composed, poetry written, wars fought, songs sung, merchandising .... actually it wud not be too far off the cuff to say as far as emotions are concerned...Love leads the way...

When we think of love the first thought that our mind conjures up is warmth, tenderness, that special person in our lives, the heart thumping, hands sweating, mouth drying kind of feeling....the wistful yearning, the longingness to connect, the meshing of mind body and soul....the perfect harmony between your thoughts, that transcend into the physical realm....which finally culminates in your soul merging into one breath, one thought, one being....

It is the feeling that brings smiles to your heart, joy in your soul, and sheer ecstasy to your thoughts...It is like having someone who understands you without you even voicing your thoughts, the tenderness genuine and heartfelt, comfortable sharing your innermost thoughts, being able to connect without thinking of consequences, being sure that you are loved for what you are and not what you shud be....

There are so many other types of love that is platonic, as in a mothers love, which is universal, kids, friends and other people who come in and out of your lives...or maybe even with a materail thing, thought process or anything that moves you strongly enough...

Love is a feeling that comes from your heart, the very essence of your soul, a feeling that is intense, emotional and all encompassing...which makes you look at the world in a different light:)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Knock Knock...that is ur inner child....

Let your inner child out....Let the fun loving part of you that you  buried so deep down, that you do not even know that it exists...that one...

We let our inhibitions, fear of ridicule, or the fact that we might look silly stop us from enjoying the litle nuances of life...

When was the last time you giggled or rolled over the floor laughing?
When was the last time you danced in the rain, oblivious of getting wet?
When was the last time, you puddle jumped?
When was the last time, you sang at the top of your lungs even if u are terribly off key?
When was the last time, you put some music on and danced with gay abandon?
When was the last time, you joined your kids in whatever sports they were playing?
When was the last time, you acted silly, just because?
When was the last time, you really really sat down and savored your coffee?
When was the last time, you skipped down the street instead of walking?
When was the last time, you licked an icecream cone and did not mind messing ur shirt?
When was the last time, you skimmed a stone on a pond?
When was the last time, you jumped u and down in glee?
When was the last time, you noticed the beautiful flowers along the path u take everyday?
When was the last time, you screamed loudly at the rollercoaster?
When was the last time????

Can go on and on.....something about these simple pleasures that we forget as we grow older 'cos we are under the misconception that it is not right to enjoy and savor the little but imp things in life....

You know what tell them to go fly a kite (lol) that is fun toooo:)

Seriously folks life is short, unpredictable enjoy, let your inner child out and have a blast and if u do find somebody looking at you with disdain, pull that person in too and show them what they are missing:)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It is within you, really it is!

We trod along life's path blithely unaware of the potholes, puddles or speedbumps ahead. When we have the innocence of our childhood, we are empowered by our sense of wonder, lack of fear, and unsatiable curiousity to discover what is new...

Then comes the brashness of youth, the cocky arrogance, the feeling of being invincible, reckless and brimming over with confidence...Ah what fun:) As and when life progresses and responsibilities get added, we all learn the process of growing up:) It can be a painful, eye opening experience, especially if u have been sheltered and shielded.

I always wonder, how does one get the ability to cope with life's bumps and deal with it? Some people crumble, some stumble, some fumble and then there are people who go from strength to strength using each bump in life as a learning process and using them as stepping stones to their life...

You know, it is, relatively easy to sit and pontificate, to offer platitudes, to commiserate, but only the person who is actually  the one that hit the speedbump is responsible to pick themselves up and go on with their lives, that is if they are able to do so...

We are all different and have our own ways of dealing with curveballs...some give in easily, some fight for a while and then give up, some keep on going in eternal optimism....

I always wonder what makes one different from the other, why does it seem that some people seem to have drawn the lottery of speed bumps and some have the golden touch?

Emotions... we all have our own way of coping...have our own wish I read somewhere, it is not things that keep u happy in life...then what is it? Does robust health make one happy, or abundant wealth? Material things or emotional happiness, contentment or greediness.

It is human nature to want more...which is absolutely fine as long as we know that there is a line beyond which if u go, then the  only way to go is downhill...

What makes a person happy and contented? I think it is on how you look at life...half full or half empty, rose colored glasses or dark glasses, empty and meaningless or full and meaningfull...

Try this exercise and see if it helps...This is how I deal with my speed bumps....If you are going through a bad patch or feel that there is n point in going forward with life, take a step back, and think that there are worse things that could have happened...try not to focus on the negative but try and find something positive in your situation...believe me if u look hard enuf u will find it....Life is a gift given to u, it is up to u how you use it..So make optimum use, derive maximum pleasure, live life like there is no tomorrow, throw away negative vibes and surround yourself with love and happiness:)