Friday, October 9, 2015

Thoughts before going in for DBS:)

About three years ago around this time I was preparing for my brain surgery and so many thoughts ran through my mind....what if I become a different person emotionally, what if they accidentally go in and rearrange my brain, that i become dumb or worse still become physically impaired ... more than Parkinson's already did.... I asked my docs who would be drilling holes in my head, what if they went in and found sawdust..(omg) and that as they are digging around in my head could they please increase my IQ?:))) I figured i should get something more....cos it's not everyday that one has brain docs assured me i had a brain, said my IQ was high enuf and I came out of the surgery a bionic woman, complete with electrodes in my head and a battery pack in my chest powering those electrodes:)