Friday, September 17, 2010

My day in the ER

Woke up to a lower back ache, which went all the way to the top up my neck and around my left side of the chest and it felt as if someone was clutching it tight. Uncomfortable, nausea, restlessness made me decide it would be better to have a doc look at it and tell me that probably it is just gas!

So my hubby drove me and we went to our PCP who quickly did an EKG. While the findings were not alarming, he insisted it would be in our best interests to go to ER and have it checked off we went to the ER. Went in to the ER and the moment we said "Chest pain" we were processed immediately and had an EKG again. Then was assigned an ER room where I was connected to a machine monitoring my heart. Blood pressure taken on both arms and blood drawn and needle inserted for IV. I was termed as a "hard prick" :) which basically meant that it is difficult to find a good vein... this after already trying to find a vein in one hand where they put the needle in the vein and move it around looking for my blood...ouchie.

Then began a parade of people in the room. Male nurses, emergency doc, hospital administrator,
patient advocate....

I was not allowed to take any of my medications as it is the hospital policy. I was due to take my PD meds but could not as I had to wait for test results, was starving as I did not have my breakfast or lunch and it was almost 4 pm.... Asked if I could get fried chicken and fries:) and was told politely - ahem no but we will order u food... uh where is the menu I was tempted to ask but refrained....

Meanwhile I got a slew f other meds, aspirin, nitro under the tongue, a shot of blood thinner in my tummy which hurt, ouch - where is the extra roll of fat on my tummy when I need it:( Constant question - on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the pain....
So here I am closing my eyes envisioning a huge scale and trying to weigh my pain - duh seriously can you put a number to the pain - well it started from a 6 and went down to a 3 --- and I thought that was a good thing, right? was taken to the xray room and they took pics:) I love to have my pics taken but this was not what I had in mind:(

But the doctor came back gave me a serious look and said we would like to keep you overnight for observation and see a cardio --- i was like, huh? but the pain did come down.... apparently that was a concern as the pain came down after the nitro so.... more testing required...

I was fully convinced that this was a minor hiccup and I would go home but after hearing that I had to stay overnight I told the doc ... as cute as he was, I would still like to go home to my family... He said, "I cannot stop you, but if I were you I would stay back"...Damn.... I want my food I said as I did not know what else to say.

The nurse came in and asked if Iwas cold - as I was shaking, this is when I realised I already missed two doses of my PD meds.... so made sure I got one dose in to stop the shaking.

After that the shakes stopped a bit. Watched TV for sometime. After repeated requests food arrived - pasta with baked chicken, brocolli, bread, salad w/italian dressing and chilled pears. Hmm not bad I thought as I feasted myself....

They kept talking about making arrangements for me to go "upstairs" which if one was in a morbid state of mind would mean anything, huh:) They meant the top floor of the hospital, phew:) So I asked when is my private suite getting ready? I am ready to be pampered....

Again that was not meant to happen, apparently lots of people were sick, so unless I was as they said "cuckoo" i had no hopes of a private room.... I said I can do "cuckoo" .... oh well...

Then a nurse comes in saying she is from "upstairs' and had some questions to ask..... So i said ask away....she asked "Did you ever have problems with your heart? " Hmmm I said do you mean the physical or emotional heart??? Huh? she said --- oh well I assured her that all was ok,
then she made me sign a document saying that if I die it is not their fault????

Then finally made it to my room and my roommate was a 96 year old lady:))

Then once I was settled down in my room again began a parade of nurses, technicians, all with a job to do, working off my file.

Poked, prodded, tested....exhausting but in the end came back home with good news and that is what matters.

Also got a call from the hospital administrators asking if my experience with them was pleasant?

I said - considering the circumstances - it was as good, but one I would not care to repeat:)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Friends - a meeting of minds, heart and soul, a connect, a rapport, an understanding, an instant connection, shared giggles, fall back when you need a shoulder to lay your weary head, someone who takes you for who you are and loves u unconditionally all of your goofy crazy self.

You meet so many people over the span of your lifetime... not everyone becomes your buddy, there are only a few with whom the connections is total and complete, there are some that are connected but not fully and then there are aquaintances.

You can be friends even if you have not met the person physically, or even spoken to! In the age of social networking we have a whole new way of making friends.....

Again some manage to get close to your heart and become your best buddies where they understand you and your moods and are there for you. Friends who motivate you, love you, inspire you only through their written words and love in their heart and true genuine friendship in their hearts.

A friend is someone who smiles when you do, commiserates when you are sad, tells you the truth even if u do not want to hear it, holds out a hand when you fall, through the good times and bad times will be there, will be ur rock.

This particular note is for all my friends who have enriched my lives with your love, support and motivation. I hope I am also that friend for you.