Monday, September 5, 2011


Fear, fear for life, fear of ridicule, fear of failure, fear of losing, fear of revealing our inner selves as one does not want to appear vulnerable.... all this is really all in our mind, created by us, fueled by our insecurities, our vulnerablities, which in turn inhibits us from exploring our true selves, reaching our god given potential.

If you truly think and analyse your fear, deciede to face it, you may be pleasantly surprised to realise that it was not as bad as u thot it wud be. I remember when I was working in the corporate world, where I interacted with senior level people and was sometimes given tasks that I had never done before and that if done wrong would have serious repurcusions... I remember being stressed out...then told myself to calm down and think through can be done and I did do it...What I realised then is that whenever we are faced with a task that we dread, our stress level shoots up, and all our negative feelings come to the fore and even before we start our task we have already created negative vibes around it, which in turn affects your approach to it.

We refuse to ask questions because we may look silly asking something very mundane and we fear take on this is very is your life, and if you need to know the answer to make your life better, ask away, who cares if a few people smirk...they are the ones who are the losers, you have gained knowledge to enhance your life, and you end up having the last laugh...As I say, if u want something ask for it, you may hear a No but u may be surprised with a Yes:) I personally do not hesitate in asking questions, as silly as they may be, or ask what I want, even if that elicits negative reaction, I go ahead and ask:) If you are prepared to hear a NO, or prepared for the worst case scenario, then all you can do is win, right?

Another thing most of us are scared of, especially women, but this applies to men too, is to show the world our real "face" for fear that it may be taken advantage of...Women are paranoid of being seen without their make up, or their armor and so do men...while grooming and looking good is very important, and presenting the right image is important especially in corporate personal relationships...u need to be liked for who you are inside and not what you look like outside.. I strongly believe that if you are beautiful and confident inside it will reflect on your outside:) That is why most of the pics I post are bare of makeup I mean:) I want t be liked and appreciated for what I am as a person and not what I look like.

Also what ultimatley matters is what a person sees when they look into the mirror, when they look into their soul and what they see in there...So stop fearing and start living:) love n hugs:)

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