Thursday, October 8, 2009

one step

Little drops make an ocean, Little bricks make a building, Small pebbles make a road, One step at a time will lead u to your goal maybe with detours, maybe with obstacles but that is what makes reaching your destination that much more enriching. Along the way you gather some friends, some foes some with you for a short ride some for the long haul - everyone there for a purpose. Do not ever think you are not worth it or you cannot do it because you can, because you are here to enrich to make a difference - does not have to be big - remember small actions can still have the most profound effect. Things that do not cost money or effort, a genuine smile, an unexpected compliment, a thoughtful gesture, a heartfelt hug, a positive attitude - there is too much ugliness in the world - Cmon my friends let us spread some cheer, some happiness, some kindness, some smiles and some laughter - one little step at a time and you know what? U will get what u give - Come hold my hand n let us begin from my heart to yours.............
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