Friday, October 30, 2009

And I am?

We live our whole life being something to somebody. When we are born we r our parents son or daughter, then for some a sibling, then a spouse, a parent and so the cycle continues.

And I am not even getting to the extended family! We are so busy trying to be so many things to so many people that we lose sight of the most important part of it all "Who am I?" huh? I am the daughter of my parents, sister to my brother, wife to my husband, mother to my kids....and phew that is a lot! All our lives we try to live up to the expectations of people to whom we belong... an ideal daughter, sibling etc.... that when I do find time to ruminate or think of doing something for myself - feel guilty.

We are so intricately entwined in the myriad relationships we build in our lives, some by no choice of ours and some by our choice, that we tend to lose our needs, our thought processes our individuality, our self in the maze called life. If you do end up sorting and clearing through the sticky web of all the various expectations and try to take a stand for yourself, you are promptly branded a selfish person!

And we wonder why we are so stressed, moody, restless, angry, depressed, vindictive, tired and just plain ornery???

First we need to find ourselves, take care of us and only then can we take care of others, right?
First I am trying to find myself... I am......huh?
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