Friday, February 21, 2014

Dear Parkie

 I would like to start off by saying that you are one of the most rude, obnoxious, shameless and stubborn thing i have come across. First of all without a "May I, please?" you go ahead and enter my body and slowly but surely killed most of my dopamine cells. I mean, how very rude is that? You know very well how important those are for  me.

It is bad enough you come in uninvited, but then you proceed to shake things up....first my left side, then my right side and now u greedy jerk, u jerk my whole body around. You are cunning and take your time but boy do u devastate.....For a long time you damage the inside, disabling, demeaning, demoralising, and others have no idea why......before u start to show urself to others. You may not be a death  sentence  but u are definitely a life sentence.

And you know you don't just trouble me but because of u my kids, my beautiful boys, my hubby and all my extended family n friends are affected....though as u progressed further and got more complicated, i did find out who my true friends are.

People, most of them, think you are all about tremors, but we know differently, don't we.  They have no idea about the damage u can inflict.

To get you to calm down I even had holes drilled into my head, but....not much change, at least for me.

I have a favor to ask..... I know you have settled in long term, but can you take me back about 5 to 6 years.  Even though life was not perfect, it was much better that it is today.

Do u comprehend?

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