Friday, August 23, 2013

My Bro

 Originally written on February 19, 2012 at 9:55am
I remember you came into my life
a red squalling bundle
with a smooth bald head and peeling skin

Little did I know then what a gift
I was given, a lifelong friend:)

I remember you guzzling up
bottles of milk and happily
chucking the bottle away after u were done:)

I remember going together
to our school in the same bus
where you always made sure that
I had a seat to sit:)

I remember you punching someone
who dared say something nasty to me

I remember you refusing to call me DiDi
and Ma and me devise a way so u did
end up calling me Di:)

I remember countless times running around
our sofa as soon as we were alone,
playing our wn game of fun, sometimes
ending up fighting and crying:)

I remember that no matter we fought
incessantly in the house
We always were clear on one thing
No on messes with either of us otherwise:)

I remember you looking up to me
and before I even realised you grew up
and I had to look up to u:)

I remember we eating dinner on the carpet
in front of the TV as we watched the serials on TV

I remember listening to our favourite cassette
of Jagjit Singh of whom u are still a fan of:)
while we were having our dinner
we always played  that tape

I remember you going to the ashram
and staying without you for a week
and visiting you there and you
who did not eat veggies, started eating them amd doing puja every single day:))))

I remember you going away to study
Engineering and how bereft I felt
as if a very important part of me was missing

I remember you crying inconsolably
as I got married and left and then you
visiting me when I was leaving the country

I remember we hugging each other crying and hoping
we wil be together soon

It took a few years but here we are

Now as you turn 40, many things have changed
in our lives, as we go through our daily grind

But the one thing that has not changed and never will
is our love for each other, our unique bond we have
as a brother and sister and as we both know
that even if we do not meet often or say it often enough

I got ur back and you got my back:)))
We will be there for each other
That is the beauty of a sibling

I love u my dearest Bro from the very bottom of my heart:))

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