Friday, April 5, 2013

Moonlight Sonata

as i lay on my bed
in the night
feeling the twinges of pain coming on
i looked out the window
cud see moonbeams thru
the window slats
cool, calm and so very bright

as I pondered my life
wondering what would it be
as I gazed at those lines on my carpet
as the moonbeams sneaked through
the window, illuminating
and brightening my mind that
was filled with dark thoughts

As I looked through bleary eyes
at the big fat moon that hung in the sky
as I looked at the beautiful night
awash in her brilliance

I wanted to forget
about the twinges of pain invading my body
about my toes curling
about my body stiff as board
about cramps rippling through my body
in painful twitches
as i lay on my bed frozen

I close my eyes as
I tiptoe into the moonlight
as in my thoughts I  could hear
the soft seductive strain of the
moonlight sonata, the soft music
coursing through me, permeating my
body, mind and soul
as my body swayed and whirled
in beat to the music

'cos u see in my dreams
I am in control
as I dance along with the moonbeams:))
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