Monday, November 15, 2010

I am

As I think and ruminate about the person I am today, the foundation was laid when I was born. The lessons my brother and me learnt from our parents holding us in good stead today. The humility, respect for others, dignity of labor, empathy and compassion, belief in the supreme power, more spiritual rather than religious.

Lessons drilled into our heads through words and action, not only told but also demonstrated, absolute respect for elders, care and love to their parents, respect for another person, as we were told there is no one superior or inferior, it is through chance, opportunities etc that one person is better than the other financially or other wise.

We saw our parents take care of their parents, treat them with respect and humility. We saw our dad treat his subordinates and people working under him with equality and love. They were always invited inside our home and hearts, always made to feel welcome, loved and respected. Never looked down upon. We saw our mom treat the maid servant as her own daughter, treating her with love and respect.

What we saw was that the goodwill they shared came back to them several times over. Well loved and respected, the love was bestowed on us.

We were always encouraged to do our best, and thank you so much Ma Ba for always letting us do what we wanted as long as it was within the right boundaries… For letting us have a wonderful and well rounded childhood, for letting us explore, supporting our decisions and most of all for being a friend and a parent at the same time.

Today as we are in the stage of our lives where we are parents, I sincerely hope and pray that we give the right foundation to our kids, that we teach them the love, compassion and humility that you taught us.

I hope that I have become a good person, a person that helps, commiserates and genuinely wants to help others not because she has to but because she wants to. I want this world a happy place, brimming with laughter, health and happiness. I want to let people know how easy it is to be kind, thoughtful and generous….yes I am selfish, am stubborn, shallow sometimes….no means am I perfect…but I believe from the bottom of my heart that it is ok to have flaws, we are humans after all, let us acknowledge and embrace our nuances and work on diminishing our negatives and enhancing our positives…

Will you?
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