Monday, January 26, 2009

Inside my mind

Inside Me

Welcome to my mind where
There reigns confusion, chaos, uncertainty
Where frustration is paramount and helplessness is the norm

Do you see the swirling mists of guilt interlaced
With tears of anger , angst and desperation and
Oh yes the ugly monster FEAR

Do you see my mind swirling with vibrant colors
The colors of hope, dreams
Do you see the sun shining through the beautiful suncatcher
Do you see the beautiful yarns I have weaved
With the fragile threads of hope, wishes
Do you see the beautiful world I am trying to create

Do you see the shattered glass
Beautiful multicolored shards piercing my very soul
Do you see the tattered yarns of hope withering away in your scorn
Do you see the tears
Do you hear my heart wailing’

Why Me???
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