Friday, July 25, 2008

Ma, Mom

Mother, mom, Ma, Mum, Amma etc. the many names we have for the woman who nurtures and loves and cares about us. The quintessential person who evokes in us a fondness, an inexplicable bond, a source of comfort, a feeling of peace, a warm fuzzy and cozy feeling. A person that you can go to no matter what and a person who will love you unconditionally no matter what! Ma, on whom you can rest your head on her bosom or lap and feel all your stress just float away. The person who makes you feel that you have come home no matter where you are.
This is universal no matter which part of the world you go to. A woman has many roles in her life, but the most fulfilling, by far, is being a mother. For most of us it defines who we are! The feelings that we have for our mothers is universal. No matter where you live or what you do, what race or religion, irrespective of the color of the skin or your social standing in life, whether you are rich and successful or dirt poor whether you are a man or a woman the feeling is universal. We all have strong feelings for our mothers. For most of us it is positive but there are some that have negative feelings, but one thing is sure they are strong feelings!
Being a mom is also pretty similar all over the world. The experiences, feelings, emotions are all so similar and universal! It is the woman who carries the child through nine months, give or take a few weeks, a woman who goes through morning sickness, mood swings, fatigue, hormones all over the place, waist line expanding, a feeling of helplessness, feeling elated, nervous, frantic, excited and terrified all in a matter of a few minutes! And all of this and more just in the first few months. Then of course the ever expanding belly, going to the bathroom every few minutes, swollen ankles, not able to see your feet, taking forever to turn over the side when you are sleeping, muscle cramps, heartburn etc… And this is just the beginning… You get the picture…

But is it all bad? No way! Otherwise we would not have so many little ones running around, would we. It is also the feeling of awe, of having a little human being growing inside your body! A feeling so powerful and scary, so overwhelming and so terrifying, a feeling of responsibility. A feeling of oneness with this little fuzzy ball growing inside your tummy - a ball that within 9 months will grow into an amazing little person with perfect little nails, sparkly eyes, a rosebud mouth, beautiful tiny feet and hands, a perfect tiny little human being with the loudest voice you have ever heard!!!
Being a mom also means being kicked - well literally, when the baby is growing at a rapid pace inside the body. It is amazing when you look at the sonogram and see this little bundle all bent up like a pretzel, with it’s huge head and hands and feet flailing about! It is wonderful and yes painful feeling that kick, bringing home the fact that there really is someone alive in your body!
And of course we will talk about Dads too. They also play an important role in all thisJ Other than being responsible for helping create the baby of courseJ We, moms need someone to be at the receiving end of our frustrations, someone to blow steam off at.
We look to the Dads to understand what is going through our minds at that particular moment and Lord help them if they can’t! New, to be dads, are the ones with the bewildered look on the faces, treading very carefully around their to be baby’s mom! They are the ones who are not sure if they are supposed to be cuddle up or just stay as far away as possible!! And of course when the moms get their midnight cravings, there has to be someone who gallantly offers to fulfill that craving!
Yes, raising child is not exactly child’s play! And this is just the beginning!
Then comes the birth of the baby, bringing the bundle of joy home and beginning the fun, interesting and challenging process of parentingJ The joys, frustrations, challenges, fun and experiences unlike any other. A total life changing event!!! Being a parent is a lot of hard work. It has its rewards and it has its trials. Having a baby is just the beginning of the most challenging journey ahead. A road with unknown twists and turns, an exciting journey with wonderful rewards, some pitfalls and some interesting moments. A road that does not come with a manual, a road where everyone’s experience is similar yet unique. As they say once a parent always a parent! It is a life long commitment. It is a journey from the first steps, the first smile, the first tooth, to the first day of school, to the first report card to the day that your little baby leaves the nest to begin their journey as an adult taking with them the life’s lessons that you teach them and hopefully will put to good use and you hope will help them become a great and successful human being! Does being a parent stop there? No way! This is the beginning of an entire new phase of being a parent.
It is a journey, a journey that has its own rewards. What we hope to do in our show is showcase some of the important milestones in a parents life, with the focus being on moms. While it is impossible to capture every moment we will do our best to get a snapshot of important moments in our journey to adulthood!
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