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Peer Pressure!

Peer Pressure
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To do or not to do?
Peer pressure! Don’t we all know it. If not for that I think a lot of us would be pretty content in life. But it is this constant comparison, competition to be one better than your peers that fosters dissent, dissatisfaction and general discontent. On the flip side it motivates, provides an incentive, makes you aggressive and gives you a sense of satisfaction and achievement until you come across another peer who has more and then the cycle starts all over again.
To do or not to do? That is the 64 million dollar question. You go buy a nice car - you are happy as a clam, excited until you come across a buddy or colleague who has a better car or a car with better features ! Whoosh the air goes out of you r euphoria and you are left with a bitter taste in your mouth - Ugghhh you wish you had thought about that before and to top it off they also get a better deal - Now you a re pissed
Then there is the case of this nice big TV that you absolutely needed to have to watch all the cool shows. Now you being a tech savvy person you did your research LCD or DLP o plasma etc. Finally you make a choice and then you research on the costs, the pixels, the clarity depth etc of the picture. You are feeling really good about yourself. You have done your research and you are confident you got the best deal. So you get the TV and have a “Come over and see our new TV” party. Everything is going well, you are proudly proclaiming your excellent research acumen and then there is this person in the party (There is always someone like that in every party) that comes over and says “You paid what for this TV??!!” They look aghast and look at you with pity …. Oh boy you paid a lot … you know I saw this on so and so website for a lot less! There goes your spirits right down the picture tube… Oh wait I think these TV’s so not have a picture tube … well you get the picture.
Then of course comes the big one - buying a house! You have the car and the nice big TV, now you need to keep it somewhere so you start looking for a house. So now you think a condo, townhouse or single family? Well so and so bought a town house so I am going to buy one too. No condos for me. Or better yet I am going to buy a single family house!
Then there are comparison with kids, clothes, upgrades in the house, jewellery, shoes, appliances, looks, weight, etc. etc. There is no end. Peer pressure. It is what gets us going. It gets us moving, gets us motivated, gets us frustrated , makes us unhappy with our lives. I guess it is all in the perspective and whom you compare with. If you compare with someone who has less, you feel better, if you compare with someone who has more you feel bitter. Better or Bitter it is your choice JThought s are welcome at
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